About Hunting For The  Cure

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About Hunting For The  Cure

children see other children that have and are traveling a similar journey and parents witness other parents journeys and how they cope. The group of children and parents sharing experiences and challenges create lifelong bonds. 


is contagious and inevitable as smiles and memories of a lifetime are shared frequently throughout all the events.


if not only for a weekend, a child can be child, while their parents recharge.  The toll cancer takes on a family can be unfathomable. That's why here at Hunting For The Cure we believe in a wholistic approach in All of our events.  

Hunting For The Cure is a faith based non-profit organization

created in 2011 with the vision of sharing the great outdoors and nature's majestic grace with children fighting cancer or in remission.  It has been said that being in the woods or on the water there is a calmness which comes from within.

​We believe when a child is diagnosed, metaphorically speaking the family is diagnosed. It is a Family's Fight! Thus,  all Hunting For The Cure events are family oriented, parents, brothers and sisters are invited to participate.

​A child fighting cancer may feel alienated or isolated by their peers but here at Hunting For The Cure they trade their hospital gowns for camo and quickly realize they are not alone.

Multiple events are hosted annually where families may participate. Thanks to our many sponsors, ALL events hosted by Hunting For The Cure are FREE to ALL participants. Participation is not dependent upon a child hunting. Hunting is secondary to our main purpose, "Sharing a Smile with a Child Fighting Cancer."